American women on the dating site and friendship


With a few simple clicks, you can match with other women in your local area who have kids the same age as yours or read the same authors as you do.

The match feature is a quick way to find women who have similar interests." Whereas mommy sites cater to women with young children, GFS includes women of all ages and stages of life.

She soon realized the obstacles to a friendship that women face today are vastly different from those our mothers encountered.

The demands of family life and career leave little time to step outside the ordinary routine, meet new people, and then go from there.

But what if you want to meet other women face-to-face and form friendships in your own community?

What if moving or marriage has changed your circumstances, and you're looking for new connections and new girlfriends?

Safety is a major concern for Blain and Girlfriend Social.

Although her site gives women opportunities to share personal details (helpful in matching new friends), she leaves it up to each participant to decide how much to reveal about herself.

Following in the footsteps of internet dating, websites designed to foster real-world female friendships are on the rise.

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