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When I look for the upgrade on I only find the upgrade for versions 4 and 5, neither of which will work if I don't find a way to upgrade to 3 first. While you may be able to find the discontinued i Life 4 suite at a discount, it would seem ridiculous to choose that route.

You need not have prior generations of the product to apply i Life 5, or i Life 4, for that matter, but you cannot use the current updaters for either one if you have not installed the new base application from that generation.

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have a large number of photos on the device - probably close to 10k, but other photo apps seem perfectly capable of opening my photos and loading a given album when I select it.

I'd like to move out of the stone age, but when I try to upgrade, it tells me I need to purchase i Life. Is there no way to download the most recent version(s) of i Photo without paying for i Life?

Pardon my not knowing, but any help would be appreciated. You cannot upgrade i Photo alone to the next generation or by skipping any generation except by purchasing the i Life 5 suite.

To be save I moved the i Photo Library.migratedphotolibrary to an external drive.

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If you are on a new or repaired computer and there is no current i Photo/Photos Library created, please open the i Photo/Photos program to create an i Photo/Photos Library.

My (very troublesome) emac did have to go for repair a few months ago, I'm wondering if technican installed a later version of iphoto for me.

He DID upgrade 10.28 to 10.39 for me, without me asking for this.

i Photo seems to need to rebuild the entire database at every open.

Most of the time, almost nothing has changed (safe for a handful of new photostream pics.

So, now with numerous updates to i Photo '11 is it relatively safe to assume that installation of update i Photo v. I\u0027ve been putting off purchasing i Photo \u002711 to update from \u002709 because of problems the early updaters experienced with the library disappearing, etc. These back-ups are my safety net for a disc crash or some other catastrophe.

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