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Foreign nationals can enter South Africa with a maximum of Rand (ZAR) 25,000 (local currency) or US,000 (or equivalent foreign currency).

You may be required to declare the amount of money you're carrying when you arrive or depart. Don't expect the same level of service from South African police as you would in Australia.

More information: Scams Avoid large gatherings and demonstrations as they can quickly turn violent.

Avoid taking photographs or video footage of demonstrations and protests, there have been reports of bystanders’ property being damaged by protestors.

Criminals also place debris on roads to stop vehicles. Keep valuables such as cameras, mobile phones and jewellery out of sight. Hikers have been attacked on tracks on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town and the Drakensberg Mountains in Royal National Park, Kwa Zulu-Natal Province. Be vigilant of your surroundings and circumstances. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Be careful with bags and backpacks which have been stolen in public places including restaurants and bars. Many ATMs are found in major cities and few in rural areas. Criminals also loiter near ATMs waiting to rob people withdrawing cash. If you're a victim of a scam don't travel to South Africa to seek restitution because of the risk of physical assault from perpetrators.

Immigration regulations apply to children travelling under the age of 18.

All children travelling must have a valid passport and a full (unabridged) birth certificate that identifies the parents. If there is only one parent registered on the birth certificate, that person has sole responsibility for the children.

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Some criminals pose as 'Tourist Police' to extort and rob tourists, including by stopping tourist buses to check proof of identity and search luggage.

Your passport must also have at least two completely blank pages on which your entry permit can be endorsed.

Carry copies of a recent passport photo with you in case you need a replacement passport while overseas.

Attacks directed at refugees or immigrants from other African nations have increased with some targeted victims and bystanders killed.

Most focus on low-income neighbourhoods and informal settlements (townships), but some have taken place throughout the country. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners such as shopping areas. More information: Terrorist threat worldwide Rolling blackouts occur in parts of South Africa.

With a virtual friendship, you may be asked to send money so your 'friend' or prospective marriage partner can travel to see you in Australia.

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