Updating windows server 2016 to r2


The Premium Edition e Book and Practice Test is a digital-only certification preparation product combining an e Book with enhanced Pearson IT Certification Practice Tests.Click on the "Premium Edition" tab (on the left side of this page) to learn more about this product.” Quiz 155 Foundation Topics 159 DNSSEC Planning 159 DNSSEC Requirements 160 Identifying Goals 161 DNSSEC Staging 162 Enabling DNSSEC 163 DNSSEC Functionality 165 DNSSEC and RODCs 165 DNSSEC Zone Signing Wizard 166 Key Master 170 Transferring the Key Master 171 Key Signing Key 172 Understanding ZSK 176 DNSSEC Monitoring 180 Event Viewer 180 DNSSEC Outages 181 DNSSEC Status Verification 181 Trust Anchors 182 DS Resource Record Set 186 Updating and Removing Trust Anchors 186 Trust Anchor Types 187 Trust Anchor Status 187 Trust Anchor Status Verification 187 Root Zone Trust Anchor 188 DNSSEC Priming 189 Trust Anchor Distribution with Active Directory 189 Trust Anchor Distribution in Active Directory Using DNS Manager 189 Trust Anchor Distribution in Active Directory Using Power Shell 190 ZSK/KSK Rollover Process 190 DNSSEC Clients 192 Name Resolution Policy 192 Security-aware Status 194 DNSSEC and Delegation 194 Chain of Trust 195 DNSSEC Record Types 197 RRset 198 DNSKEY Record 198 DS Record 199 RRSIG Record 199 NSEC/NSEC3 Records 200 Exam Preparation Tasks 202 Chapter 5 Understanding and Configuring DANE 209 “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 210 Foundation Topics 213 DANE Overview 213 DANE Criteria 215 DANE Statements 215 DANE Operation Modes 215 DANE Bottlenecks 216 DANE Security 217 TLSA Records 218 Configuring DANE 224 DANE Example Configuration 224 Common DANE Failures 228 Exam Preparation Tasks 229 Part II: Implement Windows Server 2016 DHCP Chapter 6 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2016 DHCP Server 235 “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 235 Foundation Topics 239 DHCP Fundamentals 239 DHCP Address Allocation Process 240 DHCP Lease Generation 240 DHCP Lease Renewal Process 241 DHCP Database 242 DHCP Backup 242 Moving a DHCP Database 243 DHCP Server Migration 243 DHCP Data Import 244 Exporting and Importing DHCP Data with netsh 244 DHCP Server Installation 244 Performing DHCP Post-Installation Tasks with Power Shell Commands 249 DHCP Authorization 251 Active Directory Requirements 251 Standalone DHCP Server Considerations 251 Unauthorized DHCP Servers 252 DHCP Scopes 252 Superscopes 252 Multicast Scopes 253 Creating and Configuring DHCP Scopes 256 Creating DHCP Scopes with Power Shell 259 DHCP Options 261 Common IPv4 DHCP Scope Options 261 PXE Boot Options 262 Common IPv6 DHCP Scope Options 262 Applying DHCP Options 263 DHCP Relay Agent 264 DHCP Security Options 264 Limited Network Access 265 DHCP Auditing 265 DHCP Name Protection 266 Just Enough Administration 267 DHCP High Availability 271 DHCP Clustering 271 Split Scopes 271 DHCP Failover 271 DHCP Failover Overview 271 Configuring DHCP Failover 272 DHCP Policies 275 DHCP Policy Conditions 275 DHCP Policies Example 276 Exam Preparation Tasks 279 Part III: Implement Windows Server 2016 IPAM Chapter 7 Implementing Windows Server 2016 IPAM 285 “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 286 Foundation Topics 289 IPAM Fundamentals 289 IPAM Architecture 290 IPAM Deployment Requirements 291 IPAM Deployment Considerations 292 IPAM Improvements in Windows Server 2012 R2 293 IPAM Improvements in Windows Server 2016 294 IPAM Provisioning 295 IPAM Network Communication 306 IPAM Administration 307 Configuring IPAM Options 312 Configure IPAM Managed Servers 313 Configuring IPAM Domains 314 Managing DNS Using IPAM 314 Create and Manage IP Blocks and Ranges 316 Managing IP Addressing 317 Adding Address Spaces to IPAM 317 Importing and Updating Address Spaces 319 Finding, Allocating, and Reclaiming IP Addresses 320 Finding and Allocating IP Addresses in IPAM 321 Reclaiming IP Addresses in IPAM 321 IP Address Tracking 321 Monitor Utilization of IP Address Spaces 322 Configure IPAM Database Storage Using SQL Server 324 Purging Utilization Data from IPAM Database 326 IPAM and SCVMM 326 Exam Preparation Tasks 328 Chapter 8 Managing DNS and DHCP Using Windows Server 2016 IPAM 333 “Do I Know This Already?

” Quiz 3 Foundation Topics 7 DNS Fundamentals 7 DNS Queries 9 Difference Between Authoritative and Nonauthoritative Responses 9 Recursive Queries 10 Iterative Queries 10 Forwarding 10 Round Robin 11 Conditional Forwarding 12 DNS Server Caching 13 Cache Locking 14 Resource Record Types 14 File-Based Zone Types 15 Active Directory—Integrated Zone Types 16 Dynamic Update 17 Delegating DNS Administration 17 DNS Logging 18 Aging and Scavenging 20 DNS Backup 21 Netmask Ordering 21 Socket Pool 21 Nano Server 22 Windows Server 2016 DNS Installation 23 Using DNS with Active Directory 23 Using DNS Without Active Directory 24 DNS Server Installation Options 24 Tools for DNS Server Installation 24 Installing DNS with Server Manager 25 Installing DNS with Power Shell 36 Installing a DNS Server on RODC 36 Installing a DNS Server on Azure 39 Installing a DNS Server on a Nano Server 43 Nano Server Zero Footprint Model 44 Nano Server Deployment Scenarios 44 Nano Server Recovery Console 45 DNS Servers Supported on Nano Server 46 Adding Roles on Nano Server 46 Adding Nano Server to a Domain 49 Installing a DNS Server Package on Nano Server 50 Setting Static IP Addresses on Nano Server 50 Adding Drivers on Nano Server 50 Injecting Additional Drivers for Nano Server Deployment 51 Connecting with Win RM to Nano Server 51 Deploying Nano DNS Server During Image Creation 51 Deploying Nano Server and Adding the DNS Package Afterward 52 Deploying DNS Nano Server to Bare Metal Host 54 Configuring Nano Server as a DNS Client 55 Configure and Implement DNS Global Settings Using Windows Power Shell 56 Set-Dns Server Global Query Block List 56 Set-Dns Server Response Rate Limiting 56 Enabling RRL 57 Enabling RRL Log Only-mode 57 Configuring RRL Exception Lists 57 Set-Dns Server Zone Transfer Policy 58 Set-Dns Server Recursion Scope 58 Export-Dns Server Zone 59 Configure Forwarders 59 Types of Forwarders 59 Configuring DNS Forwarder with Power Shell 60 Configuring Forwarder with DNS Manager Console 61 Selective Recursion Control Using DNS Server Policies 62 Configuring Root Hints 63 Configure DNS Delegation 65 Creating DNS Delegation Automatically 65 Ignoring DNS Delegation Option 65 Configuring DNS Delegation with Power Shell 66 Configure DNS Socket Pool 66 Configure Cache Locking 67 Configure DNS Logging 68 Monitoring Tab 68 Auditing and Analytic Event Logging 69 Configure DNS Delegated Administration 70 DNSAdmins Security Group 70 Privileged Account Management 71 Exam Preparation Tasks 72 Chapter 2 Creating and Configuring DNS Zones and Records 79 “Do I Know This Already?The book presents you with an organized test-preparation routine through the use of proven series elements and techniques. Chapter-ending Exam Preparation Tasks help you drill on key concepts you must know thoroughly.Review questions help you assess your knowledge, and a final preparation chapter guides you through tools and resources to help you craft your final study plan.Download the errata  MCSA 70-741 Cert Guide is a best-of-breed exam study guide.Leading technology trainer and exam development consultant Michael S.The Premium Edition e Book and Practice Test contains the following items: About the Premium Edition Practice Test This Premium Edition contains an enhanced version of the Pearson Test Prep practice test (PTP) software with four full practice exams.

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